What is ColoNode®?

Novel Diagnostics for improved colorectal cancer staging

When treating colorectal cancer patients, correct postoperative tumor staging according to pTNM is the key for selecting the right patients for adjuvant chemotherapy.

The single most important prognostic factor in patients radically resected for colorectal cancer is presence or absence of tumor cell metastasis in regional lymph nodes.

ColoNode® is a novel In Vitro Diagnostics that detects tumor cells in lymph nodes by measuring specific biomarker mRNAs. Compared to the current routine method, histopathology, ColoNode® is a more sensitive method with the potential to improve staging and, in addition, provide information on tumor aggressiveness.

Why ColoNode®?

How biomarkers can help improve staging and treatment of colorectal cancer

Staging of the disease will estimate the chance of long-term survival and determine treatment. With a more sensitive and informative diagnostic method, the physician will have access to a better and more extensive basis for treatment decisions.

Colorectal cancer

Technology – Biomarker analysis



The benefits of using ColoNode®

Provides more sensitive detection of tumor cells in lymph nodes than the current routine method – histopathology

Provides additional information on risk factors for tumor recurrence

Adapted to fit clinical routine procedures and standard laboratory equipment